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Bastion de Lok (5p lvl20)

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Bastion de Lok (5p lvl20) Empty Bastion de Lok (5p lvl20)

Message par Sorolif le Dim 29 Juin - 23:16

Bastion de Lok (5p lvl20) Tera_111

Présentation du donjon

Le tout premier donjon que vous pouvez rencontrer dans Tera est une instance 5 joueurs pour les niveau 20-24. Ce guide va vous expliquer tout ce qui faut savoir pour maîtriser ce donjon.

Strat EN (En cours de traduction):

4. It's GO Time!
Inside the tunnels, your tasks are straightforward: kill any cultists you find, and remove their ability to make war. Grapine (your agent on the inside) tells you that half the tunnels are sealed behind a guarded door, and to open it you'll need to defeat a pair of dangerous opponents known as the soulcrushers. The way is guarded by legions of devas and dangerous imps.

TERA Bastion Walkthrough Map
While he doesn't know the whole story, Grapine is pretty sure the cultists are preparing a ritual of some kind, involving a priest named Murdranak and a bloodbound vulcan.

5. Soulcrusher
According to Grapine, the soulcrushers control access to the rest of the base, though he himself has never seen them. Fight your way along the path through devas until you reach a room full of imps.

TERA Devas
The imps are easy enough to kill, but be careful and send your tank in first. It's easy to get overwhelmed and have skills interrupted when fighting so many opponents at once.

From the imp room, head south and then west until you come to a room with just one opponent.

TERA Bastion of Lok, Deva
Tetra Aniask has pretty uncomplicated moves, but she's FAST! Tanking, DPS, and heals will win the day. But when she's down, then the real fun begins.

The real soulcrusher is the golem bound to her. It's got three main tactics: a forward fist attack, a wide-area jump attack, and shooting flames from the hole in its chest. Every now and then its fist catches on fire and the monster goes berserk, increasing its attack power and speed.

When it's not berserk, the golem's attacks are not particularly fast; a tank can easily block or dodge them.

6. Digging a Little Deeper
Retracing your steps, you'll find the imp room has…well, more imps. More importantly, the door is now open. Proceed to the east and a slight ramp into an area with some particularly burly lokians.

Once past these, you'll see a long hallway with imps, devas, and barricades. You'll need to clear the way as best you can, but here's a tip: Those barrels next to the barricades? They explode on contact.

Continue clearing the tunnel complex (especially if you're doing side quests); you don't want any surprisesfrom foes left behind as you progress. You might also find a few more things to occupy your time in the caves.

7. Bloodbound Vulcan
Before heading into the final chamber, make sure you've cleared all the side rooms. If there are any enemies remaining in the rooms with the book and bookcase, they will rush in and attack while you're fighting the final enemies, and it might get a little hairy.

TERA Vulcan, Bastion of Lok
No matter what ritual is meant to happen here, Big-Ass Monsters like this are just begging for a beatdown. The bloodbound vulcan focuses on brutal, double handed melee attacks and wicked jumps that cause shockwaves throughout the room. Keep your tank in close, and pepper the vulcan with as much damage as you can spare between blocks, dodges and heals.

When the vulcan is down to 10%, the mastermind of this scenario reveals himself.

TERA Murdranak
Murdranak will immediately start in with spells and debuffs, so have your tank grab aggro as soon as possible while the rest of the group focuses on taking down the vulcan's remaining health.

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